Our Mission

+Mission Statement
+Our Structure
+Our History

The Barnard EcoReps connect with students to build an environmentally responsible community at Barnard through peer-to-peer education and on-campus programming. We hope to inspire, educate, and activate all students to foster sustainability at Barnard.

Our Structure

The Barnard Ecoreps are ten Barnard students, employed by the Residential Life department, to, among other things, develop environmental education on campus. There are a few main aspects to our structure.

There are five ‘pods’ of the Ecoreps, each made up of about two students. The pods are food, water, energy, waste and lifestyle. Each pod hosts one potluck a semester and does at least one other education campaign or event. Our major yearly events fit into these pods. These yearly events are Green Move-In, Harvest Dinner, Earth Day and Give and Go Green. We also develop programs as a group.

The Barnard Ecoreps are non-hierarchical. That is, we do not have one leader who makes sure that everyone else is doing their job, or who serves as the main representative of the group to the rest of the College. We have liaison responsibilities that link each of us to specific roles, such as Dining Services liaison, Green Floor coordinator, or Articles Writer.

Our History

We are currently working on a short piece describing the development of the Barnard Ecoreps.