Fall 2015 EcoReps!

Caroline Moore

Caroline hails from the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee where she spent many years roaming the wilderness and finding new ways to pretend she went to Hogwarts. Now, while at Barnard, she spends her time exploring a completely different type of wilderness and maintains the hope that her Hogwarts letter is just a few years late…She can be seen picking up bottles and holding onto paper in order to recycle them later and turning off any unnecessary lights. She also harbors a very deep love for the ocean and anything within it and aspires to someday live on a sailboat, but that will have to wait a few years.

EmmaEmma Guida

Emma grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, which generally garners the response, “Wow, I’ve never met anyone from there before.” While in this mysterious state, she enjoyed searching for Harry Potter wands while hiking, picking up trash from her high school’s courtyard, and taking her dog for long romps through horse farms. Now, as an EcoRep, Emma has graduated to separating collegiate trash and recycling, annoying her roommates with the amount of compost in their freezer, and regularly collecting free samples from the farmer’s market. Additionally, Emma enjoys thinking about, looking at, cooking and eating food, and decorating her suite with One Direction posters.

RebekehRebekeh Packer

Rebekeh grew up in Western Massachusetts, swimming, hiking, and literally hugging trees. With her high school’s Youth Environmental Squad, Rebekeh ran Green Week, instituted a can-and-bottle recycling system, and held a very passionate ten-person protest to raise awareness about the Keystone XL pipeline. Her manicure for her high school prom couldn’t cover up the dirt in her fingernails from planting in the school garden that morning. Rebekeh loves enormous earrings, odd hats, and dancing around like a child in Riverside Park. Also, kale. She still literally hugs trees, but she has other friends now, too.

ShanaShana Leshko

Shana grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, right across the street from a public park, where she lost quite a few soccer balls to the poison ivy. Some of her favorite things include cooking, watching TED Talks, taking strange pictures with her dog, Jet, and collecting interesting and ridiculous socks. Shana picked up most of her eco pet peeves from her mother, but puts them to good use with environmental activism. As a high school senior, she created a program to compost her school’s bathroom paper towel waste, and looks forward to implementing similar programs here at Barnard as she works toward a degree in environmental policy.

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