Past Ecoreps

Jess Epsten Urban Studies ’11 Jess hails from Durham, North Carolina where she spent most of her time getting lost in the woods and relaxing at the swimming hole (oh, and eating lots of biscuits). Last semester she was abroad – but now Jess is back and ready to jam on New York for one more year before she escapes the city for greener surroundings. This year you can probably find her gardening on campus or going treasure hunting on trash day.

Maddie Wolberg
Political Science + Human Rights ’13 The elusive Maddie is best seen in her natural habitat on the streets of NYC, usually feeding on unsuspecting prey (like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). She has also been spotted chasing after dogs that she wants to play with, harassing her suitemates to turn off their lights, and occasionally sneaking up behind tooth-brushers to shut off their water. Maddie was born and raised in the charming state of Colorado, where the buffalo roam and the deer and the ski bums play.

Claire Fram
Environmental Policy 2011 Claire Fram is not to be confused with The Fram the greatest sea-faring vessel ever to reach the furthest north and south in the early 20th century. She is proud of the ship nevertheless. Claire is from San Francisco where she can be found rolling in the Pacific, riding muni to the farmers’ market, and playing ultimate frisbee.

Dominique Keefe
Environmental Biology 2012 Dominique grew up on the coast of Maine hiking and kayaking in Acadia National park, which is one of her favorite places in the world. She loves SCUBA diving, coral reefs and sharks, so it’s no surprise that she hopes to be a marine biologist. In her free time in NYC, Dominique can be found on the grass in the sun somewhere on campus or in a park. She enjoys pick-up soccer games, fruit smoothies and talking about cool fish with anyone who will listen.

Acadia Roher
Environmental Policy 2010 After a year working with Heifer Project International on a ranch in Arkansas, Acadia had a bit of culture shock upon arriving in New York City. She has found her place, however, among the tomato plants on Pupin Plaza, the stalls of the greenmarket, and the trees at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. She is also very at home in the depths of a cup of hot chocolate from City Bakery. This summer she had a life-changing week training other young environmental activists in the Pacific Northwest and is excited to bring her experience back to the East Coast. Acadia is an Environmental Policy major and a proud Arkansas native.
Ariella Krones Africana Studies 2010 Usually scattered and slightly frazzled, you can find Ariella at a computer, in one of the many wonderful NYC parks, or in a friend’s kitchen, trying to make a fluffy loaf of bread.
Gus Hagen-Dillon History 2011 Gus Hagen-Dillon hopes to eventually work as a reporter embedded abroad, or become a master baker/chef. Gus grew up on a farm in the boonies of Vermont where she played her irish fiddle to the sheep and harvested veggies for lots of recipe experimentation. She would love to talk to anyone and everyone about politics, wind energy, cooking, mountains, and farming!

Holly Menten-Weil
Environmental Science 2010 In the field of earth studies people are usually divided up as rock or water people, and with Holly’s experiences, from studying salmon streams in Alaska, to determining water quality in the lakes of upstate Connecticut, and more locally to the Lamont Earth Institute to analyze Hudson River core samples, it seems Holly is a water person. It’s not all water, however. Turning passion into practice locally and immediately as an EcoRep underscores Holly’s environmental focus for 2009 – just another way to participate in the Obama revolution. Dream it – then do it!
Ilana Krakowski Religion 2011 With a Hebrew name meaning “baby tree”, “Ilana” lives up to her calling- she is both petite and an ardent defender of all trees. As a native of Brooklyn, NY she was also meant to have a low carbon footprint, never actually using her driver’s license since she walks or takes the subway everywhere instead! Ilana is especially interested in working with communities of faith and utilizing religious tradition as a motivating factor in environmental stewardship. She writes for the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life’s blog.
Jenn Blaha Environmental Biology 2010 Childhood Chesapeake Bay nature walks with her father awoke the inner environmentalist in Jenn. After she graduates this year, she hopes to WWOOF her way around the world and eventually teach Environmental Education in the Peace Corps. In four years time Jenn has come to appreciate the green parts of NYC, and wants to spread the knowledge!
Kirsten Scheu Political Science & Human Rights 2010 Kirsten was born with a nalgene bottle in her hand, and grew up frolicking in the fields and mountains of rural Vermont. She once decided that she would live on the coast of Maine as an adult and devise a way to heat the ocean so it would be swimable, but has recently abandoned those ambitions since realizing the amount of energy it would take to accomplish that. She has been known by friends and co-workers to get playfully angry when they don’t recycle (and briefly considered exposing the non-recycling ways of entire New York City Council) and is still on the hunt for the perfect coffee shop.
Megan McNally Environmental Policy 2010 Volunteering all summer in a poverty-stricken area of Peru, Megan was given a crash course on how to live with very little. She has shared the peruvian lifestyle of “waste-not” with her family and they are currently moving into a smaller home that has everything within walking distance in order to conserve energy. Her favorite possession is her global warming mug that floods the earth and melts the ice caps when hot liquid is poured into it. Everyone should get one!
Anne Brink English 2013 Anne grew up in Minnesota, where she frequently stole long weekends hiking along Superior’s north shore with her family. While home, she enjoys kayaking and walking around South Minneapolis, and playing with her Aussie Shepherd, Luna. Since kayaking is not an option at Barnard, Anne spends most of her time walking around Riverside Park, writing, drawing, going to yoga, and drinking soy mochas at Whole Foods.
Sophie Hyson Environmental Biology 2012 Sophie grew up in North Florida, climbing trees and jumping into sinkholes, as there wasn’t much else to do. Now she has fallen in love with New York City and all it’s activity- especially the amazing green parts! She enjoys guzzling coffee in the neighborhood coffee shops, growing squash on her windowsill, yoga, experimental baking, picnicking in central park, and apple cider donuts from the farmers market!
Shannon Troy Anthropology & French 2012 Shannon loves people and adventuring on her octopus-adorned snowboard in the outdoors of her native state, Colorado. Adventures also include jaunts to local farmers markets and other homegrown businesses to promote consumer cultures with low fossil fuel usage. Focusing on the small choices that make a difference in personal, local and global environments, Shannon enjoys unplugging appliances, wearing vintage clothes, cooking with seasonal ingredients and convincing her friends to go veg. Incorporate green into your life – it flatters every figure!
Emily Simone Environmental Policy 2012 Emily grew up in NYC, went to boarding school in Connecticut for a couple of teenage years, and studied at Boston College until her junior year, when she transferred to Barnard.  In Boston, Emily was a member of Students for a Just and Stable Future, a student-led climate activism group.
Helen Kilian Environmental Policy 2013 Helen grew up in a rural Massachusetts town called Harvard (informally suffixed with “No, not the University”) where she cultivated a love of environmental activism, canoeing, and apple picking. An avid Oren’s enthusiast, Helen can often be found toting a travel mug of their famous brew down Broadway. To the amusement of many friends, she never hesitates to schlep recyclables back to campus and hopes that one day New York will recycle all plastics 1-7 so she can stop being mocked.
demiDemi Asvestas Demi grew up in the wonderfully warm city of San Antonio, Texas. She initially became interested in the environment when she realized that every year San Antonio was getting hotter and hotter, reaching a scorching 111 degrees just this summer! Demi enjoys doing Bikram yoga, running, backpacking, reading Harry Potter, being with her dog Lucky, and just pondering the finer things in life.
Chloe Kunstler Chloe was born and raised in Wellesley, MA. Although she grew up thinking Boston was her favorite city, New York is quickly winning her over. You can find Chloe doing yoga, checking out the Union Square Green Market, or filling up her reusable water bottle. As someone who believes that small actions can have a big impact, Chloe hopes to motivate her fellow Barnard students to be aware of their footprint and live sustainably.
Carly Wertheim Carly was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where she developed her passion for environmental education and activism through her work with the non-profit Teens Turning Green. Obsessed with gardening, permaculture, and food, she hopes to one day have her very own sustainable farm. Carly can usually be found at the farmer’s market, is an avid hiker and aspiring chef, and spends her spare time knitting, playing the guitar and practicing yoga.
Sarah Gilly After growing up in rural Kinderhook, NY, Sarah has extended her love of all things environmental to her life at Barnard.  Inspired by the impressive herbivore dinosaurs of yore, she hopes to reestablish our generation’s lost connection with the Earth.  In her spare time Sarah can be found boasting about her knowledge of upstate apple orchards, watching The Office, having an impromptu dance party, or refusing a plastic bag.
Naomi Wasserman Naomi grew up in the beautiful golden hills of the BAY AREA in Northern California. Whether she is running, swimming, biking, taking photos, surfing, or hiking, she always enjoys being outside. You may find her on any weekend sampling fresh produce and bread at the farmers market, exploring used bookstores, and collecting postcards.
IMGP5280Elana Rofel Elana grew up in Baltimore, Maryland where she developed her love of the environment after spending a gap year helping reduce waste and promote sustainability in Baltimore hospitals. She attended the University of Michigan before transferring to Barnard. Elana enjoys reading, yoga, and finding new parks to walk with her dog Khaki.
Deborah Sachare Deborah grew-up in the wooded suburbs of Westchester, New York where she could often be seen driving her blue Prius. Deborah enjoys singing any way it can be done: from choir to a capella to shower singing. When she is not holding a tune, she can be found turning off unnecessary lights, sipping chai tea from her reusable mug and beating her family in a rousing game of Quiddler. Now that she is a city girl, Deborah is excited to join the EcoReps in saving the world… one Barnard recycling bin at a time!
Lizzie Adkins Lizzie grew up in Columbia, SC catching fireflies, climbing magnolia trees, and making costumes out of what some would consider “trash”.  Her work with Keep the Midlands Beautiful helped foster her love of the environment through litter prevention, recycling and beautification.  Often this involved jumping into local creeks and kayaking around the three rivers to remove bits of trash from trees.  She now loves NYC as someone planning on pursuing the 3-2 dual degree program in Environmental Science and Civil & Environmental Engineering.
Kate 2Kate Cory-Saavedra Kate was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, where she developed her love for the environment through many backyard projects and working at the local farmer’s market. She has been raising chickens for over 10 years at her home, and has recently picked up the odd hobby of bee-keeping. While not playing with her beloved insects, she can always be found eating apples at the farmer’s markets, playing tennis, going to music festivals, and at summer camps of all kind!
422039_10150597506614825_1835658445_nNicole Mabry
Nicole Mabry came to Barnard from the far away land of New Orleans. She is taking the reigns of the frequent Eco Reps potlucks, as she has fostered a deep love for the creation of vegan and gluten free foodstuffs. Nicole is a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies student and spends her spare time in the Well Woman office spreading her wealth of knowledge to the masses of Barnard students.
529195_3029045056203_1543577345_nKoko JaegerKoko Jaeger grew up in “Tofu Valley”, also known as Northampton, Massachusetts. Having been raised on organic vegetables grown in her own backyard, she has a love for all things compostable. When not squishing mud between her toes, Koko can often be found making daisy-chains, eating granola, baking cookies or stargazing. She has done lots of work pairing environmental sustainability with social justice, and hopes to continue to do so, throughout her time at Barnard and beyond. Koko plans to major in neuroscience or cognitive psychology with a minor in knitting.

2 thoughts on “Past Ecoreps

  1. Hi Ecoreps!

    My name is Ariel Fan and I’m an incoming freshman to Barnard this fall
    I see that you have 5 recently graduated reps and am wondering if and when you will be be accepting applications for the next term. I know it is a bit early, and it seems like this is reserved for upperclassmen, but i figured it doesn’t hurt to ask for the future because I am definately interested :) Do you need to live in the eco-hallways to be a rep?

    Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you all in the future!

    –Ariel Fan ’14

    • Hi Ariel!

      Thanks for letting us know you’re interested! It’s great to start getting in touch early. We have already chosen new EcoReps for the fall, but our next application process will probably be at the end of the fall semester for the spring. And no, you don’t need to live on an eco-floor to be a rep. The best way to stay in touch and involved would be for you to come to our bimonthly potlucks in the fall–each one focuses on a certain environmental issue that we present about and discuss as a group. They are really fun and the food is amazing. Hope to see you there!

      Dominique Keefe ’12

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