Give + Go Green!

May 3rd – 23rd!

This is an initiative by Barnard and Columbia to reduce the amount of waste by students at the end of the school year. Every year, we throw out perfectly useful clothes, appliances, books, toiletries, and more because we simply can’t keep them over the summer. Instead of giving all of that to the landfill, give it to someone in need! Barnard donates you stuff to a couple of great organizations including Rock and Wrap it Up, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

When: May 9 – May 20

Where: in a dorm near you

**Sulzburger Lounge
**Brooks TV Lounge
**Elliot TV Lounge
**616 Lounge
**620 Lobby **furniture and appliances should be taken to the 616 lounge**
**600 Lobby **furniture and appliances should be taken to the 616 lounge**
**Plimpton TV Lounge
**Cathedral Gardens Lounge


  • Clean, washed clothing, sheets, towels

  • Canned, unopened, non-perishable food stuffs

  • Working appliances and housewares

  • Usable furniture

  • Full or Half-used Cleaning supplies, toiletries or hygiene products


What NOT: anything broken, dirty, ripped or unusable for other people. your old chemistry notes, trash and recycling (there are bins in your suite for that).

Remember that these things are going to people who need them. THIS IS NOT TRASH!


We give your stuff to a couple of great organizations:
Rock and Wrap it Up
Salvation Army

Also, the 114th St. Presbyterian Church (all in the neighborhood)!

If you have any questions about G+GG or want to get involved, email us!!

Past G+GGs:

• 3 full 17′ moving trucks of items donated to the Salvation Army
• 1 pickup truck full of food donated to the church soup kitchen on 114th & Broadway
• 15,000 plastic bags to be recycled via Fairway grocery store

And here are the pictures to prove it!

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